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sHome is a modern concept for living which conveniently provides for all your daily living needs at a fixed rate. At sHome you aren't bound by the usual long-term tie-in or cancellation periods. sHome brings you state-of-the-art living comfort at excellent rates and yet still gives you the freedom to plan your life flexibly.


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The benefits of an sHome apartment

Discover the luxury of sHome living

All-inclusive package / Great living atmosphere incl. air cooling system / Security and state-of-the-art technology / Easy-to-calculate monthly budget/ All-inclusive service / You stay flexible – no unnecessary tie-ins / Always online with WiFi

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sHome – booking is the new renting
Our explanatory video



Discover the many advantages of sHome in this short video – not just for residents, but also for investors. sHome is probably the first ever off-the-peg accommodation in the world offering all-inclusive, affordable luxury.




sHome L1 «White-Ocean»


sHome L2 «White-Color»


sHome L3 «White-Gold»


sHome L4 «White-Grey»



Real estate as an investment opportunity


The well-designed building construction and its many benefits for its future residents make our concept a groundbreaking and future-focused investment opportunity. Find out about our profitable investor concepts and building models.


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