perfectly optimized building models

All sHome building models are based on a well-designed, great value, top quality construction concept. The different sizes of our building models allow optimum usage of the space and offer residents plenty of added value over standard market prices. sHome offers investors 3 investor models, our own sales model with a booking platform and, on request, an experienced property management service


sHome Automation

State-of-the-art technology for your property

Control Panel

Every apartment is equipped with our innovative sHome control panel. This controls shade, light and room temperature at the touch of a button and can even switch the burglar alarm on and off.


Identify visitors with a high-definition door camera.


Take advantage of the countless opportunities offered by the World Wide Web with WiFi.


Our smartphone app gives you control of your home technology even when you’re away.


Sensors recognise whenever a door or window is opened or closed. When someone leaves the apartment, the burglar alarm is alerted. A range of scenarios can then be selected: e.g. holiday mode, which ensures that the window blinds are automatically opened and closed, and the lights are switched on and off.





sustainable, healthy wooden construction

Wood in comparison to brick and concrete

Wood has always been a popular construction material. This environmentally-friendly and sustainable construction material offers many advantages over brick and concrete construction. The natural and pleasant living environment that a wooden house provides arises mainly from the moisture-regulatory properties of the wood. This ensures the highest standard of comfortable living. In the selection of details and materials for our sHome apartment blocks, we place particular value on multi-generational usage and the sustainable use of resources. The decision to use wood was an easy one, as it is a renewable resource, which is easy to dispose of or to re-use. Buildings of solid wood construction are, above all, quick to build. Because the wood is completely dry at the point of construction, no lengthy drying periods are necessary and the residents benefit from the ideal interior climate right from the start. Given equally high thermal insulation values and identical external dimensions, a house of wooden construction offers up to 10 percent more usable living space compared to a house built of brick or concrete. Wood is a particularly flexible and easily workable building material. Wood is also CO2 neutral, because it produces the same amount of CO2 during thermal utilization as it has absorbed during its growth.

sHome 5-fold security
at base and construction level

The all-round drainage channel collects water before it reaches the building and allows it to run off in a controlled way. In addition to the horizontal sealing system, there are four additional vertical sealing layers for optimum protection from moisture penetration. Together with the drainage channel, this forms the sHome 5-fold security foundation. Unlike standard-constructed foundations, the sHome base insulation achieves the same thermal insulation value as the external walls. sHome also places particular importance on sound proofing and consequently, the external and internal walls are constructed so that they are completely soundproof. All sHome data has been confirmed by tests carried out by authorized testing institutions.



Your investment with a future


sHome: Real Estate as an Investment


Additional benefits for residents, online booking system, increased profits, durable & high-quality wooden constuction,optimal running costs, clear pricing structure, our standardised construction systems minimise planning and building costs, s Home property management